2 de febrero de 2019

The Venus Wars (english dub) (vhs rip) (MEGA)

The Venus Wars (english dub - US Manga Corps) (vhs rip)

The Venus Wars is the story of young people caught up in devastating events. A dark, tense backdrop is artfully combined with rich design and state of the art animation directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, one of Japan's foremost creators of popular animation and comics. One of the minds behing Japan's famous Gundam and Dirty Pair, "Yas" has given his fans one breathtaking adventure after another... and The Venus Wars is no exception!

The Venus Wars
Catalog #: USM 1071
104 minutes
Animated Action Adventure
Suitable for most audiences
Parental discretion advised.

(copy from the back of the box)

Formato: SP
Audio: Stereo


Note: Change "***" for "mega".

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